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Sometimes, the best way to fill a customer's needs is with a used bus that does not come right off the showroom floor. This is why we always make sure we maintain a variety of well-maintained, high-quality pre-owned buses or used buses.

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National not only sells used buses we also purchase used buses. If you are interested in selling a used bus please contact us. National has access not only to our inventory but has connections nationwide. If you do not see anything in our used bus inventory to meet your transportation needs, we can and will assist in getting you what you need. You may contact us in several ways by phone 1-800-282-7981, email at or complete the form to the right.

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Why National Bus Sales?

National Bus Sales represents a wide variety of manufacturers, chassis', optional equipment and seating arrangements. This means you can feel confident you are buying a bus to fit your specific requirements. No wasted space, no unnecessary options. National has the experience and knowledge of the market to help you find the right products at the right price for your transportation needs.

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